Tech News Facebook Pages

The new trend in Facebook and social networking is to have a “Tech News” page. You’ve seen them, the viral videos, sound bites and news articles that dominate Facebook’s homepage. They tend to be loaded with keywords related to the business you are promoting, as well as tags for the type of business you are marketing.
Tech news Facebook pages are loaded with a lot of keywords because Facebook is a billion-dollar business. Each one of these sites will likely be charged with the same kinds of keywords. This could be a way for a company to get noticed, increase their visibility on the internet and therefore, their sales.
One thing you need to be careful about when you start using keywords on your Facebook page is that it is straightforward to overuse them. You need to avoid making your page seem like an advertisement for the site it is promoting. It needs to have a different feel, a freshness that will put the reader in the mood to read about your business.
By placing the keyword in your headlines and also on the description of your page, it is much more effective. At first glance, the reader is going to think “what is this page about” and be excited to click on it. Once they get past the initial excitement, they will be more inclined to click through your site to learn more about the products or services you are offering.
This is an excellent source of information and a way to give the reader more options than just what you promote. Don’t overload the reader with information that is beyond their scope. Could you keep it simple but deliver a message?
A great tool to keep in mind is to get in front of the reader and explain your business. Use the art of storytelling to get into their accounts. Tell them about the right product you are promoting and make them feel like they can help you. Use humour and emotion to sell your business.
These two are great tools to use, and as I mentioned above, there are other things to consider as well. If your business is regarded as a “baby” that needs a parent to grow up, find a friend or a family member to take on that role. They will be able to take the focus off of you and have fun doing it.
This is the best way to go, especially if you have no prior experience as a business owner. By working with others and having an owner, the responsibility is on them to be the leader and not you. This is something to consider when you are looking for a business to partner with.
Get in front of the people you are trying to reach and use the power of Facebook to your advantage. If you do it correctly, they will give you a second look. And when that happens, you can use your story, your marketing campaign and the technology to drive people to your site.
The challenge is to make sure you are engaging in the conversation with people and not merely introducing yourself as a friend to Facebook. You are there to speak to people and let them know about the products or services you are promoting. When it is appropriate to bring up the business or product, you will be able to do so with confidence.
Don’t make the mistake of introducing yourself to Facebook as someone “from school.” Your Facebook profile is not someplace, where you get all these super exclusive status updates. You need to build a relationship and establish yourself as a trusted business or personal source.
Your profile will serve as your portal to all the information your readers need to know. It should be your area of expertise and be used to build a brand. Once you have done this, your readers will be much more apt to follow your advice and read your stories and posts.

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